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Practical tips for planning a DIY wedding

DIY Wedding Congratulations

If you are a creative person, a DIY wedding can sound like an awesome idea, but your imagination and your to-do list can soon get out of control. This refreshing article from Spoonflower has a list of useful tips for anyone planning their wedding.

The Four R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rihanna

Consider what will happen to all the ‘things’ after your event.

Think twice before using family & friends

Working with friends and family can sometimes be tricky so some things are better being done by a professional so you can be clear and honest about what you want.

Delegate early, hire later

The DIY stuff should be done months out from the wedding and as the date gets closer look at delegating and paying the extra for delivery to keep your sanity.

Keep track of what goes where when

Try to keep all your wedding planning documents in one place (digital and physical), choose a space in your home for supplies as they arrive and label everything.

Ditch the theme

Spend time thinking about decor and design that makes you and your partner feel happy, rather than being restricted to a ‘theme’.

Doing anything over 100x requires libation

Save the dates, invitations, place cards and guest gifts can end up being a high-volume task if you want to do it yourself.

‘Weddings’ are an industry

Don’t hold yourself to unrealistic standards just for the sake of a pretty picture and focus on things that are useful and will bring you and your guests joy.

Give it up

Keep things in perspective and keep focus on the commitment you are about to make and the celebration will come naturally.

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